You will receive a letter that invites you to a Macmillan Rehabilitation after Breast Cancer Surgery and Future Health and Wellbeing class after your surgery. Please contact us if you need to change the date, or if you have any requirements e.g. interpreter.


This will be an interactive, informal session run by the breast specialist physiotherapy team which will provide you with expert advice to give you the confidence to help in your own recovery.

The class will be tailored to the surgery that you have recently had at the hospital and will be in small groups. You will not need to remove any clothing so come in loose fitting normal clothes. Some classes will be held in a gym area therefore we ask if you could avoid wearing shoes which could damage the floor ie. high heels or stilettos.

It is very important that you attend this one-off class as it forms part of your breast treatment recovery pathway and is recommended by your Breast Surgery Consultant. If you can’t attend, we will do our best to give you another class date.


The class will cover a variety of topics including:

  • how to improve your shoulder movement  and when it is safe to return to normal activities
  • how to manage symptoms like pain, discomfort and fatigue
  • explain about the risks of developing lymphoedema, what you can do to help prevent this and where to get help
  • advice on a healthy diet which has been developed by Dr Michelle Harvie, Lead Research Dietitian at Prevent Breast Cancer, Nightingale Centre
  • exercise to improve your health after surgery, during treatments and in the future
  • help to achieve your normal activity goals ie. returning to work/ hobbies
  • helpful tips on common body image issues
  • referral to other team members if required for specific issues

There will lots of leaflets available on help, information and support in the Greater Manchester area for you to take if you wish. If you are not from the Greater Manchester area, we will do our best to signpost you to services in your local area.

If English is not your first language, an interpreter can be arranged for you and will attend your class.

We really value your opinion and will ask you fill in a questionnaire in the session and in the months that follow. This will help us further improve our service.