There are several different surgeries that you may have had. Click on your surgery type to take you to the correct page.

Wide Local Excision (Lumpectomy) and Sentinel Node Biopsy

This is a full and in depth version to include exercise and how to safely progress your exercises. There is also information on subjects such as analgesia, cording, advice on when to drive, tips on positioning, how much activity to do at home and how to avoid complications.

Mastectomy, Axillary Node Clearance, Mammoplasty, Mastopexy

This full and in depth page gives information about your surgery, early exercise and how to progress your exercises safely over the coming weeks. There is also helpful tips on positioning in a chair and in bed, seromas, cording, driving, returning to your usual activity and how to reduce complications such as lymphoedema.

Breast Reconstructions - Implant with Strattice, tissue expanders, Latissimus Dorsi flaps

This full and in depth page will explain about the reconstruction, your early exercise for when you have drains in, and how to progress your exercises over the next few weeks. There is information and advice about- positioning in sitting and in lying in bed, drains, seromas, cording, driving and gradually increasing your activity at home. There are tips on how to improve your posture and how to avoid complications too.

DIEP and TRAM Breast Reconstructions

This section is split into two pages. The first page looks at your first few days in hospital, going home how to gradually increase your activity. There is also advice on posture, lying, sitting, driving and how to avoid complications.

The second page looks at progressing your exercises safely up to the first six weeks with pictures and videos.

See the main surgery section for full advice how to progress your exercise, driving, increasing activity, tips on positioning and how to avoid complications.